Strategic Plan Formulation For Business Success
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Strategic Plan Formulation For Business Success

Course Duration: 2 Days

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the external internal environment
  • Assess the Organizational Health
  • Diagnose the Desirability, Feasibility, Viability
  • Develop The 4D Strategic Framework
  • Craft Strategies that are practical and powerful
  • Define and Design Plans and Programs for Strategy realization
  • Test Plans for Strategic Alignment
  • Inculcate the right Culture and Dynamics to support strategy realization
  • Crafting a Strategic Pathway forward
  • Develop Goals and Success Measures

Key Contents

Module 1: Setting the Context for Strategic Planning - Diagnostics & Internal External Analysis

  • Organizational Health Check - People, Process, Customer, Business Diagnosis
  • Assessing DFV - Desirability, Feasibility, Viability
  • Critical Business Issues Identification
  • Leadership & Culture Assessment
  • Challenging Assumptions Framework
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Empowering Ones as the Mindset to Approach the Workshop through strong collaboration
  • Thinking Styles Assessment for Business Growth
  • What we want / What we don't wnat
  • Conduct Internal External Analysis
    • SWOT, SOAR & CHIPS analysis
    • Competitor analysis and Competitive analysis
    • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Identify Key Issues and Gaps
  • Frame Strategic Framework

Module 2: Clarifying and Crafting Strategic Framework

  • Revisit Vision, Mission and Values
  • What is our Drawing Force - Business Concept
  • What is our Driving Force - Core Capability
  • What to offer - Core value proposition
  • How to Win - Success Factors - People, Process, Customer, Business
  • Clarify Business Positioning Concept Develop Strategic Success Factors

Module 3: Revisiting & Clarifying Unique Value Proposition & Market Contributions for Growth

  • Presentation
  • Geting Clarity, Breadth and Depth
  • Challenge Assumptions and Cross Sharing Presentation, sharing & critique
  • Prioritizing Issues, Output, Outcomes and ownership

Module 4: Strategic Action Planning - From Success Factors to Tactical Strategies, Plans and Success Indicators

  • Distilling and converging the New Ideas, Tactics, Actions and Initiatives into a New level Strategic Action Plan with new perspectives, possibilities and performance
  • Strategy Cascading System from the Winning Aspiration to Critical Success Factors, Success Measures, Tactical Strategies, Actions and Initiatives in a coherent framework with supporting charts and data using story boards and visual thinking process
  • ICEO - Involvement, Commitment, Empowerment
  • Determine Key Initiatives
  • Using A Matrix Strategic Action Planning Framework with A New Level Winning Aspiration - into structured and systematic steps with metrics and milestones
  • Strategic Business Action Planning

Module 5: Walking through Plans through Business Model and Process Capability Analysis

  • Performance analysis
  • Business Model analysis
  • Clarify & Redefine Channels
  • Review & Redefine Customer Relationships
  • Review & Redefine Key Activities & Key Partners & Synergies
  • Leveraging Key Resources
  • Existing & New Income & Revenue Streams
  • Clarify the Markets, ''Jobs to Be Done'' and New Value Proposition Offerings
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis and Craft New Incisive Value Propositions
  • Strategy Canvass
  • Prework for Review

Module 6: Cross Functional Integration Setting

  • Cross Functional Integration across departments to ensure integrity of Strategic Business Action Plan
  • Internal Service Level Agreements setting across departments to clarify, confront and connect the disconnects
  • Dimensions of QCDSSS - Quality, Cost, Service, Deliver (Timeliness) Service, Security, Safety
  • Milestone Chart with Priorities, Accountabilities & Success Indicators and Feedback Progress Checkpoints

Module 7: Summary Action Plan, Detailed Action Plan, Checkpoints and Milestones

  • Check for Understanding
  • Securing Commitment
  • Agreeing on Priorities, Commitments and Ownership
  • The way forward
  • Closing and Summary

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