Recruitment & Interviewing Skills Workshop
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Recruitment & Interviewing Skills Workshop

Course Duration: 1 Day


Although your job posts may attract a largr number of people, ensuring that you attract the correct candidates and selecting the one who best mathches your credentials might be difficult. Recruiting and choosing staff is a time consuming and costly procedure.

Business fundamentals include following the procedure correctly, employing the essential abilities to determine who will offer you with the best future output, and maintaining your company's reputation as an employer of choice.

This course on Recruitment and Selection Skills is a highly effective overview of certain recommended recruitment, selection, and resourcing techniques.

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you should be able to:
  • Understand the importance of recruitment.
  • Identify the outcomes of the selection decision.
  • Detail the main biases that can occur during the selection process
  • Introduce an effective recruitment process.
  • Understand different types of interview questions
  • Discuss applications of psychometric testing within the recruitment process.
  • Measure the recruitment process.

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Six Biases that can occur during the selection process
  • Four outcomes of the selection process

Module 2: The Recruitment and Selection Process

  • Recruitment initiatives help shape the success of organizations. They attract and help to select the right candidates.
    • Attract a pool of suitable candidates
    • Deter unsuitable candidates from applying
    • Create a positive image of the organization

Module 3: Eight - Step Recruitment Process

  • Job analysis.
  • Source candidates.
  • The recruitment interviews.
  • Types of interview questions.
  • Identifying skills
  • Psychometric testing.
  • Reference checking.
  • Making an offer.

Module 4: How to Measure Recruitment & Selection

  • Hire ratio.
  • Quality of hire.
  • Interview time.
  • Source cost per hire ratios.
  • Interviewing cost

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