Effective Communication & Rapport Building Skills
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Effective Communication & Rapport Building Skills

Course Duration: 2 Days


Decoding rapport and understanding how generations work would determine the success rate of any future generation today, especially when it comes to the new generations. In this comprehensive 2 day course, participants will learn to unlock effective ways to communicate efficiently using the right styles and use the right approach to achieve good communication and understanding skills especially when dealing across different generations.

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Understand different types of generation
  • Demonstrate effective understanding on ways to adapt to different communication styles
  • Exhibit good aspects of identifying gaps in communication
  • Apply effective rapport building skills across Primer Generations
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with people from all walks of life, culture and groups

Key Content

Module 1: Communication Across Generations

  • Understanding the communication model
  • The evolution of generation
  • Understanding the generation style
  • Adapting the communication style
  • Inter-generative communication

Module 2: Building Rapport 1

  • Communicating and connecting with Primer Gens
  • The prohibited 'Do's'
  • Positive language and magic words
  • Listening techniques
  • Questioning techniques

Module 3: Building Rapport 2

  • Making small talks
  • Building a conversation
  • Basic manners
  • The big aspect of disputes
  • Pressing the wrong buttons
  • Body language

Module 4: Achieving Mutual Understanding

  • Putting perspectives together
  • Case study and scenario assessment
  • Quiz session
  • Feedback session

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