Stakeholder Management
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Stakeholder Management

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Know your stakeholders - the most important, dominant, dangerous etc.
  • Understand personalities and communication styles to engage your stakeholders
  • Clarify and resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Use the right tools and techniques to manage the stakeholders' expectations effectively

Key Content

Module 1: Identify Stakeholders, Influencers and Their Interests

  • Identify the stakeholders of a project
    • 7 questions to ensure every stakeholder is included
  • Analyze the stakeholders
    • 9 questions to use in analyzing them
    • Their expectations
    • Their interests
    • Identify those who have a significant influence on the stakeholders
  • Identify the interests of the stakeholders and the influencers

Module 2: What is Stakeholder Management?

  • Know who you must
    • Manage closely
    • Keep informed
    • Keep satisfied
    • Monitor

Module 3: Stakeholder Engagement

  • How to know if you are engaging stakeholders correctly
  • Know who
    • Is your most important stakeholder
    • Are dominant stakeholders
    • Are dangerous stakeholders

Module 4: Communication with Stakeholders: Personalities and Communication Styles

  • 4 types of personalities: DISC
  • The main characteristics of each personality type
  • The default communication styles of each personality type
  • How to communicate effectively with each personality type

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