Supervisory Competency - Leading & Motivating
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Supervisory Competency - Leading & Motivating

Course Duration: 2 Days


Leading & motivating capability is one of the key elements that affect a leader's credibility. Right decisions made by the leaders are crucial to the success or failure of a specific task and/ or project. This training program will help you to improve your organization's bottom line, by providing the knowledge and skills towards application of the essential leadership competencies through an experiential apporach, whereby participants will learn through actual doing.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  • Establish the principle of 'RIGHT leadership, RIGHT journey
  • Triumph over the myths of leadership
  • Determine the four vital imperatives of a great leader
  • Influence, motivate and lead the team towards the greatness

Key Content

Module 1: Big Picture of 'RIght Leadership, Right Journey'

  • What is this learning all about?
    • Framework of 'Right Leadership, Right Journey'
  • Why should you participate in this learning?
  • What would you get from this learning?
    • Expected learning outcomes of the program

Module 2: Change to Lead, and Lead to Change

  • Understand that change happens, and it needs to be managed
  • Determine individual's willingness towards change
  • What stops you from change

Module 3: Overcome Roadblocks to Change

  • Banish your self-deception to change
  • Beat the common change blockers
  • Win the struggle within
  • Overcome procrastination

Module 4: Defeat the 'F.E.A.R' in You to Lead

  • Are you in fear to lead?
  • What is F.E.A.R?
  • The myths in leadership, which create the fear in you
  • Overpower the fear in you

Module 5: Good Leader, Good People, Good Execution

  • Why we need a leader?
    • Effective team coordination
    • Effective strategy execution
  • Which type of leader are you?
  • Four types of leadership styles
    • Autocratic - do it my way
    • Bureaucratic - by the book
    • Democratic - let's vote for it 
    • Laissez Faire - hands off
  • Which leadership style should i apply?
    • Understand the importance of situational leadership capability
    • Application of situational leadership styles in effective decision making

Module 6: Be a Leader of the People, by the People, for the People

  • The six level of team's engagement
  • The four imperatives of a people's leader
    • Recognize team's talent
    • Begin the journey
    • Ensure smooth journey
    • Create a comfortable journey

Target Audience

This program is designed for supervisors, executives and managers who duties and responsibilities involve supervision of people tasks and performanec.

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