Attaining Coaching Greatness
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Attaining Coaching Greatness

Course Duration: 2 Days


This program goes in depth to give the coach more tools and techniques with which can create sustainable high performance change. The process is continuous and to ensure results, coaches must empower and provide ample support to their coachees, bringing out their inner genius.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the use of WFO Questions
  • Apply the Axes of Change Model in coaching conversations
  • EMpower and enable chnage toward objective performance in others

Key Content

Module 1: Meta Questioning Technique

  • The 18 well formed outcome questions
  • Inducing states through the 10 critical meta questions
    • Accessing the highest intention to create attention
    • Meaning -> Beliefs -> Emotions -> Actions Cycle
  • The 5As of state induction - breaking and moulding new states
    • Access - primary/ current state to desired state
    • Amplify - raise body - mind - emotion link to state
    • Apply - find application of new state
    • Appropriate - check ecology of new state
    • Analyze - does the new state work?

Module 2: Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • The importance of giving sensory based feedback
  • Feedback -> Awareness -> Action
  • Two purpose of feedback
    • Redirection - giving back on track
    • Reinforcement - amplifying positive action
  • SBI and BISA model of giving feedback

Module 3: Getting to the Roots and Creating Sustainable Change

  • Introduction to the axes of change model of meta-coaching
    • Motivation - what drives us to action?
    • Decision - are you willing to do what it takes?
    • Creation - what can you do to move forward?
    • Integration - how can you move forward?
  • Coaching to the axes of change
  • The psychology of change - Maslow's Human Potential Hierarchy
    • Understanding needs
    • The need to coach to close the knowing - doing gap

Module 4: Unleashing Greatness

  • Piece the puzzle together - combining knowledge, skills and action
  • Embodying meta-coaching and create purpose of coaching
  • What's next?

Target Audience

The workshop is targeted at managers and above.

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