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Project Management Workshop

Course Duration: 2 Days


This course is designed to teach participants all the principles of good project management. Participants will learn how to identify and schedule project resources and create project flow charts. Important issues of staff selection and team mamnagement are also covered. These learning objectives are reinforced by a course project that allows the participant to apply the principles and use the tools they learn.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the phases of project management life cycle and a project manager's role in each phase
  • List and discuss basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure
  • Discuss techniques for setting up a strong project team
  • List and discuss elements of a risk management plan
  • Discuss techniques for planning and sequencing project activities, including the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Identify the critical path for completing a project on schedule
  • List and discuss cost elemetns that should be included in the project budget
  • Discuss techniques for controlling for deviation from budgets and schedules
  • Discuss key elements of project management communication and reporting tools

Key Content

Module 1: The Project Management Life Cycle

  • What is a project?
  • Understand the growing need for better project management
  • Explain what a project is and provide examples
  • Describe what project management is and discuss key elements of the project management framework
  • Discuss how project management relates to other disciplines
  • Understand the history of project management
  • The Project Management Life Cycle
  • The role of Project Manager

Module 2: The Project Management Process Groups

  • Describe the five project management process group, the typical level of activity for each and the interactions among them
  • Understand how the project management process groups relate to the project management knowledge areas
  • Discuss how organizations develop information technology project management methodologies to meet their needs
  • Understand the contribution that effective project initiation, project planning, project execution, project control, and project closing makes to project success

Module 3: Setting Up for Success

  • Initiation phase
  • Project definition and scope
  • Putting together a statement of work
  • The project charter

Module 4: The Project Team

  • The teamwork challenge
  • Selecting team members

Module 5: Risk Management

  • What is risk and the importance of good project risk management
  • Elements involved in risk management planning
  • Common sources of risks on projects
  • Risk identification process and tools and techniques to help identify project risk
  • Qualitative risk analysis process
  • Quantify risk analysis process
  • Decision trees and simulation
  • Risk response planning strategies
  • Risk monitoring and control
  • Good project risk management

Module 6: Work Breakdown

  • Work breakdown structure
  • Work package sequencing

Module 7: The Project Schedule

  • Time scheduling process
  • Time estimates

Module 8: The Project Budget

  • What is a budget?
  • Creating a preliminary budget
  • Budget and schedule balancing

Module 9: Project Tracking and Control

  • Moving the project forward
  • Monitoring for project progress

Module 10: Project Close Out

  • Elements of close out

Target Audience

Executives, supervisors, managers, head of departments, business leaders and business owners who are involved directly in a project in a company

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