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Enhancing the Coaching Culture

Course Duration: 2 Days


Coaches and mentors are made, not born and many of the characteristics associate with effective coach and mentor can be assessed, trained and develop. This course shows you how to take your organization into future, inspire everyone around you and achieve way beyond what is expected.

Course Objectives

At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:
  • Develop the right skills and knowledge as a coach
  • Strengthening how to think, feel and act like a coach
  • Becoming competent to coach and effective communicator
  • Develop a coaching roadmap and coaching journey
  • Learn and enhance their ability to coach effectively

Key Content

Module 1: Building Coaching Roadmap

  • Develop individual coaching roadmap
  • Develop team coaching roadmap
  • Develop organizational roadmap
  • Coaching enhancement tool: design thinking

Module 2: Let's Start Coaching

  • Self coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Peer coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Coaching enhancement tool: coaching wheel

Module 3: Enhancing My Coaching Skills

  • TGROW Model
  • NLP in coaching
  • EQ coaching
  • Coaching enhancement tool: TFA tools

Module 4: Building & Strengthening My Coaching Techniques

  • GROWTH Model
  • Happy sad happy, WDEP & other coaching techniques
  • Coaching enhancement tool: Advanced change management

Module 5: Moving Forward ''Coaching Journey''

  • Team coaching action plan
  • Coaching assignments


In our program, you can expect extensive use of case studies, debriefing, reflection exercises, facilitated coaching, feedback, activities, group discussions, lectures, story telling and structured instrucments.

Target Audience

Team leaders, managers, head of departments, general managers who would like to be exposed to the right way of coaching their subordinates.

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