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Enhancing Communication & Interpersonal Skills At Work

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of effective communication to enhance supervisory effectiveness at the workplace
  • Demonstrate effective intra and interpersonal communication skills and styles by using the 4R principle
  • Overcome communication barriers between employees and departments by using the F.A.S.T Principle
  • Translate information into effective action towards effective problem solving and decision making

Key Content

Module 1: What is Effective Communication?

  • Establish a specific 'DIRECTION' or 'PURPOSE' when communicating
  • Manage the perspections and assumptions made during communication
  • Practice active listening towards effective communication

Module 2: The Effective Communication Method

  • Effective verbal communication
  • Select the best choice of words
  • Structure your sentence accordingly
  • Deliver a concise message
  • Assertive non verbal communication
  • Reduce communication gap through effective body language
    • Manage your facial expression
    • Communicate with good eye contact
    • Manage your hand gesture
    • Be sensitive with your standing or sitting position
  • Project an assertive tone of voice

Module 3: The 4R Principle towards Effective Communication

  • Receive a person without negative pre judgement
  • What you think is what you get
  • Who you are is who you attract
  • Build rapport timely
  • Create an open communication platform
  • Listen and understand to reframe your thoughts
  • Listen to understand then to be understood
  • Reinforce the right actions
  • Conclude the communication with mutual agreements between parties

Module 4: Reinforce the Right Actions F.A.S.T

  • Focus
  • Overcome the work in silo communication practice at the workplace
  • Establish a common grond between departments and/ or sections
  • Ask to clarify
  • Gain clarification through tactical questions during problem solving
  • The 'funneling' questioning techniques
  • The probing questioning techniques - Ask Why 5 times
  • Seek to understand towards effective decision making
  • Reduce communication barriers between departments and/ or sections
  • Share information timely and effectively
  • Analyze information timely
  • Translate information into knowledge
  • Take the right action, right
  • Translate knowledge into action


This is a highly interactive training program, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through experiential activities

Target Audience

Executives, senior executives, managers, line managers in any departments of the organization that needs to improve their communication and interpersonal skills

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