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Building High Performance Team Collaboration

Course Duration: 2 Days


As companies move towards strategic team based culture, workforce dynamic becomes one of the crucial elements that everyone needs to develop. This program provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a dynamic and strategic team member.

Course Objectives

Aftern completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Appreciate team dynamic and cohesiveness
  • Demonstrate strategic team communication and coordination
  • Rectify team improvement and share information effectively
  • Plan strategically to solve problems timely
  • Value team synergy and dynamic towards excellence work performance

Key Content

Module 1: Building a Dynamic Work Team through the Strategic '5S-1M' Principle

  • Establish team's MISSION
  • Determine team's STRATEGY
  • Execute team's strategy through the most appropriate SYSTEM and STRUCTURE
  • Accumulate team's SKILLS
  • Communicate in team with the most assertive inter-personal STYLE

Module 2: Productivity Enhancement through Dynamic Teamwork

  • Understand self to understand others in team
  • The four major types of personality in team
  • Foster the belief of 'together has power, never run alone'
  • Extend trust to gain trust among team members
  • Build proacive team support towards efficient task accomplishment

Module 3: Rectify Team's Improvement Strategically

  • Overcome the 'No-No Mindset' in team towards change
  • Break the 'F.E.A.R' in team members to Right the Wrong
  • Build team members' confidence in holding responsibility and be accountable to 'put things right'
  • Dare to make a differnce in team

Module 4: Execute Team's Action Strategically

  • Plan your team's action strategically
  • The 'T.A.G Principle' - Think, Act, Goal
  • Be flexible towards effective task accomplishment
  • The importance of learning from mistakes
  • Act through the F.A.S.T principle to overcome work-in-the-silo practice

Module 5: Work Together and Win Together

  • Create synergy towards excellence work performance
  • Combine the HEART and BODY as ONE
  • Work TOGETHER, Manage TOGETHER and share TOGETHER

Target Audience

Managers, senior managers, head of departments and top management of the company

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