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Duration: 3.5 Days


Robert Kiyosaki once said that the wealthy and successful people in the world build networks while others are only trained to look for work! One of the key reason for this is the fact that a lot of people out there has a major misconception of business networking. They think this activity is only for the rich and for those who are too free. What majority do not understand is that the number one role of a successful person is networking.

When a person has a strong business network, this person is building his or her Social Capital. Unlike Financial, Human and Physical Capital, Social Capital is intangible but vital to the development of any business. It consists of the people they know through networking, the trust, the know-how, the contacts and the potential business collaborations.

However, it is important to know that business networking is not about passing name cards around the room or selling as no one attends a networking session to buy anything. There are very important skills involved and this includes both networking and leadership skills because the other person you are networking with would like to know whether they are networking with an industry leader before they refer their contacts to you to grow your business and Social Capital exponentially.

Course Benefits

At the end of the programme, participants are expected to be able to do the following:

  • Identify the networks that they should participate and form
  • Apply the important successful principles during networking
  • Apply methods which will help them to build trust in order for them to achieve success in Networking as a Leader
  • Deliver effective presentations to receive business by referrals
  • Implement a successful referral campaign or project to obtain more business

Key Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Netowrking and Leadership

  • What is business networking?
  • Why is networking important to the growth of the business and Social Capital
  • The Connection Formula
  • Importance of Leadership in Networking
  • 5 types of networking platform

Module 2: Golden Principles in Business Networking

  • 10 laws of successful networking
  • House rules No.1 - ''Never Sell to the Room''
  • Building trust & network
  • Helping others to help us succeed
  • Effective follow up in every networking

Module 3: Leadership Skills to be a Networking Leader

  • Human & The Hierarchy of Needs
  • 5Cs of a networking leader
  • Identifying your current leadership style in networking

Module 4: Networking Strategies

  • Identifying your referral sphere
  • Identifying referral partners from networking
  • Types of presentation for effective networking
  • >30 seconds > 5 mins > 121

Module 5: Power Team Projects for Effective Results

  • Successful case studies
  • Power teaming
  • Referral campaign examples and templates
  • Referral campaign activation
  • Campaign/ project effectiveness review

Training Methodology & Duration

This training consists of theory and practical plus project activation. The implementation of this program will therefore include Power Point presentations, experential activities, case studies, site visits to networking goups, discussions and role plays.

It starts off with a 2 days of classroom training where 2 major practical assignments are given at the end of this classroom session.

Participants will attend another 1 day session for support and follow up so that they are able to activate a live project on business networking where leadership skills are also required.

The live project requires each participant to attend actual business networking, obtain the right contacts for their business and collaborate with them and successfully implement a referral marketing program.

Who Should Attend

SME Business Owners and Marketing Managers who are seriously looking for proven techniques on how they can grow their business through referral marketing from the business connections that they make in business networking.

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