Inspired & Motivated Professional Work Habits Workshop
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Inspired & Motivated Professional Work Habits

Course Duration: 2 Days


In this VUCA era, one needs to be a successful professional in order to be relevant and competitive for the organization. Not only that, but also have willingness and motivation to play the bigger game in career and in life. The best way to be the said successful professional or talent is motivate and inspire oneself and by understanding and applying the appropriate working habits to suit us professionals.

Course Objectives

At the program conclusion, participants should be able to:
  • Understanding the definition of a successful professional
  • Understanding the factors that influence the motivation of professionals
  • Developing the attitude and behavior to be a successful and motivated professional
  • Building the awareness of cause and effect in daily lives
  • Figure out the best habits and behavior that suits professionals
  • Building the support system needed to enhance the professional work environment
  • Being aware of the self core competencies and utilizing them for result

Key Content

Module 1: Let's Get Started

  • Introduction challenge - the rule game
  • Working agreements
  • Introduction to the buddy concept 

Module 2: Motivated Professionals

  • What is it that motivate us?
  • The goals we set
  • The why factor

Module 3: Motivated? The Challenges & Consideration

  • Consideration at work
  • Self limting belief analysis
  • Breaking the boundaries

Module 4: Bridging the Generation Gap

  • Issues and challenges - generation gap
  • Professional DISC profiling
  • Bridging the gap - Start with me

Module 5: The Professional Work Habit

  • 20 professional work habit
  • Priority evaluation process
  • The attitude for professional
  • Responsible vs victim

Module 6: Moving Forward

  • Commitment setting
  • The support system for professional

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