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Sales Mastery - The Art of Sales Closing

Course Duration: 1 Day


This program focuses on deal making. Either you are a seasoned professional in sales or a junior sales person learning the process of deal making, there are key learning methodologies and fundamentals which are important in every sales cycle and/or negotiations.

The program focuses on the psychology of sales, engaging people and what are the success barriers of closing. Methods used in these programs are from Psychological artistry and Neuroscience of sales.

"Whatever you are doing, no matter how well you are doing it, can always be done better." ~ IrwinG.

Course Objectives

  • Participants gets to understand & explore their barriers of sales closing.
  • Practical sales implementation in winning the customers
  • Learn techniques that can be practiced to achieve maximum results

Course Outline

Module 1: Defining Sales

  • Understanding your sales code
  • Metaphors from successful sales closing / mastery

Module 2: The Psychology of Sales

  • The psychological qualities of sales
  • Mastering the communication delivery

Module 3: The Closing Techniques

  • Different aspects of closing in the sales process
  • The 10 Key Techniques in Closing

Module 4: Mastering After Sales

  • Introduction to after sales service mindset

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