Neuroscience Programming for Sales Success
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Neuroscience Programming For Sales Success

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Understand yourself and how you think
  • Steps to improving your IQ and EQ
  • Learn branding for sales success
  • Communicate with yourself and the world
  • Learn to renew and reinvent

Key Content

Module 1: Base Assessment

  • Understanding the self sales process
  • The conscious, preconscious and unconscious mind
  • Understand the world and perception
  • Discovering the mind
  • Discovering yourself and your limitations

Module 2: Psychology of Success

  • Psychology of the brain
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Reprogramming your mind for success

Module 3: Developing a Sales Mindset

  • Key programming for sales success
  • Serving vs making effect
  • Key to making more things happen - Focus
  • Establish a framework

Module 4: Improving IQ & EQ

  • Learning your intellect (IQ)
  • Learning your emotions (EQ)
  • Multiple moments, of interest, interaction and insights

Module 5: Preparation for Sales Success

  • The power of questioning
  • Type of questions
  • The power of listening
  • The listening traits
  • Key to listening and interacting
  • Power factors

Module 6: Striving through Strategic Positioning

  • The competencies of strategic thinking
  • Plan and measure success
  • Consistently track progress
  • Build routines that ensure progress
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses

Module 7: Embracing and Managing Change

  • The 3 golden edges - momentum, timing and victory
  • The controlling factors in manuevering the sales team
  • The art and science of selling
  • The art and science of closing
  • Apply and evaluate renewal and reinvention

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