Making an Impact - Personal Accountability
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Making An Impact - Personal Accountability

Course Duration: 1 Day


Personal accountability is a core value that the entire workforce should have. Sometimes, accountability may go beyond the tasks that one has been assigned to. As such it takes courage to overcome fear and do ones best to make things right. This program is intended to instill the rational of having personal accountability as a habit and thus enabling the workforce to be highly productive in solutions and avoid lingering around issues and problems.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants should:

  • Demonstrate 6 ways of making an impact
  • Identify negative thoughts that may create conflicts
  • Use the 'SOL' techniques to manage self

Key Content

Module 1: Why Personal Accountability?

  • Overcoming barriers and facing the brutal facts
  • The relationship between ownership and positive social interactions
  • Trust is key to peak performance in the workplace
  • Building healthier relationships through positive dependence

Module 2: Making An Impact

  • Know your role - clarify value and expectations of your responsibility by mapping and plotting your position in the organization
  • Honesty - always be prepared to ask for help when needed and admit mistakes through humility and modesty
  • Apologetic - observe the situation and take control by focusing on the solution
  • Timely - avoid procrastination by managing time wisely and working on activities of higher priority
  • Don't overcommit - saying NO in situations to manage violated expectations
  • Make a change - shift your 'view of the world' by anticipating problems as opportunities for growth and improvement

Module 3: Managing Self by Determining Your Philosophy of Success

  • Set you rail
  • Observe and listen
  • Learn from success and failure

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