Situational Leadership: The Managerial Essential
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Situational Leadership: The Managerial Essential

Course Duration: 2 Days


Situational ldeadership is one of the managerial essentials, which stresses both relationship and task behaviors in execution effectiveness plus efficiency. Adopting the principles of situational leadership can equip leaders/ managers in your organization with the tools necessary to skillfully navigate the workforce towards operational excellence.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Identify 2 key factors in situational leadership application at the workplace
  • Apply 4 leadership styles at workplace with high influence
  • Manage 4 maturity levels of workforce tactfully
  • Link concept of situational leadership to 3 managerial essentials effectively

Key Content

Module 1: Understand the Concept of Situational Leadership

  • Background of situational leadership
  • Success stories of situational leadership application

Module 2: Identify the 2 Key Factors in Situational Leadership

  • Key factor 1: Leaders' behavior
  • Key factor 2: Followers' readiness or maturity level

Module 3: Determine 4 Key Leadership Styles at Workplace

  • Leadership style 1: Directing
  • Leadership style 2: Coaching
  • Leadership style 3: Supporting
  • Leadership style 4: Delegating

Module 4: Determine 4 Maturity Level of Followers and Lead Them Effectively

  • Followers' maturity 1: Unable and unwilling or insecure
  • Followers' maturity 2: Unable but willing or confident
  • Followers' maturity 3: Able but unwilling or insecure
  • Followers' maturity 4: Able and willing or confident

Module 5: Establish Linkage Between Situational Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness

  • Effective planning at the workplace
  • Effective organizing of manpower
  • Effective control of workforce

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