7 Quality Control (QC) Tools [1 Day]
7 Quality Control (QC) Tools [1 Day] Quality Management Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam Training, Workshop | Iconic Training Solutions Sdn Bhd
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Duration: 1 Day


This training program provides participant with 7 QC Tools that can be used for collecting data, identifying the root cause and measuring the results. The objective is to use it as standard continuous improvement method.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) concept
  • Implement the 7 QC tools for continuous improvement process

Key Content


  • What is Quality?
  • What is Quality Control?
  • Dimension of Product Quality
  • Quality Control Process & Benefits
  • Problem Solving Model
    • PDCA
      • 6 Sigma
      • 8D
      • QC Story Board
      • IDAPIE
Objective: Understand the basic concept of quality control.
Outcome: Apply the basic knowledge on 4 quality control and problem solving tools
Hours: 2 hours


  • Check Sheet – quick data collection and prevention of mistakes
    • Recording
    • Inspection
  • Pareto Chart – selecting major problems out of the many
  • Pareto Principal
  • How to create Pareto Chart?
  • 6M – Man, Method, Material, Machine, Measurement & Mother Earth (environment)
  • Why why?
  • Understanding correlation
  • Basic Statistics
  • Normal Distribution
  • Use of Control Chart
  • Type of Graphs
  • Fishbone Diagram – possible cause and logical arrangement of causes
  • Scatter Diagram – seeing relationships of pairs for variables
  • Histogram – viewing the shape of dispersion or comparing with specification
  • Control Chart – checking stability of process
  • Graphs – visual representation of data for quick understanding
Objective: Understand the application of 7 QC Tools.
Outcome: Collect data, analyse quality control information and derive quality control conclusion using the 7 QC tools.
Hours: 5 hours


  • Where & when to use the 7QC Tools
Objective: Apply the 7 QC tools
Outcome: Apply the 7 QC tools in the actual workplace
Hours: 1 hour

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